Happy on Purpose Book

Author Diana Fletcher’s latest release: Happy On Purpose– Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy For Women

Would You Like to be Happy on Purpose?  

Would you like to shrug away your worries for a little bit of time each day? What if you could take a few moments to ponder an idea and embrace a new thought?

Would you like to be happy on purpose? It’s your decision.

Ready to Take Your First Step Toward True Happiness?


When you take the time to think about being happy and make the choice to be happy, you gain strength. You build fortitude, you achieve self-assurance and confidence, and you come out whole. You are ready to take on challenges and to claim your power.

Deciding to be happy on purpose is deciding to take care of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of yourself. You truly connect with soul and intuition. You blend their strength with your gentleness and you connect with the truth of your female gifts.

There is the world, then there is your world. Remember that you are one of the creators, the strength, and the foundation. You are a woman and you are strong. There are parts of you waiting to be discovered and loved.

This is the place of Happy. Welcome. It’s been waiting for you. Create a New Path Toward Happiness Now!

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What the readers are saying–

“Diana has put together a real gem. It helps me get started each day with the right attitude and mindset to make the rest of the day go smoothly. I can hardly wait for Diana’s next book.” ~ Kendall Summerhawk

“I opened my “Happy on Purpose” book today and read, “What a treasure this moment is!” It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all the details of life. Taking a moment each day to focus on being happy helps put life’s details in perspective. Being happy is a choice. Read Diana’s book each day and the choice to be happy will become second nature.” ~Laura Neiberding

“Diana Fletcher has done it again! Her book, Happy on Purpose, is seriously a must read and a book to have in your library. It’s a massive book that is broken up into daily, easy to read segments that will just make you smile. Diana’s daily writings are just what the doctor ordered if you’re feeling down and out…or if you’re trying to stay upbeat. She really puts life into perspective and you can’t help but feel good while reading it (and for hours and days afterward)!!!” ~Weston Lyon

“I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Happy on Purpose. I am generally a happy person, but I do have my off days. By reading one though and Happy Action each day it has really been able to put some things in my life in perspective. I decided to really put this book to the test. Each day I read a little, I tried to write down my own personal thoughts in a journal. Things I felt I should change, do better, or just ways to be more happy. I feel I’ve been a happier person just through reading Happy on Purpose and putting some of the Happy Actions into play.” ~Adelina Priddis, Home Maid Simple

As a mother of two toddlers, my days are often spent fulfilling the needs of others, with little or no attention spent on myself. Sometimes, at the end of the day, I am so spent and irritable that I just crawl into bed and hide from the world! Ms. Fletcher’s book reminds me that I must tune in to my inner voice once again and that happiness is a choice that I can make every day. The layout of the book is very simple- each day of the year offers first a thought or situation for reflection. Secondly, a “Happy Action” relating to that thought or situation.” -Amy Campbell,   amysuesplace.com

“Happiness comes from within.  It is a choice you make and one that you keep daily.  Using Diana Fletcher’s Happy on Purpose book, gives you a nudge to set your intention for happiness on a daily basis with  health, finances, and inner joy. Research proves that these factors are a big part of the happiness equation.” ~Nancy Mramor, Ph.D

“Diana Fletcher has written a lovely, readable book. It is full of questions and answers that are meaningful to us all.” ~Rick Foster, author, How We Choose to Be Happy and Happiness & Health (Co-authored with Greg Hicks)

“Dear Diana – I was so excited to hear that you had left a ‘present’ for me with your sister. This week, we met for lunch and she presented me with you newest book. I have read it every day since and find it to be a source of support and inspiration.  Thanks so much, Diana, for thinking of me.” ~ Deb Trapp